De Vere Cameron House gouges customers

Every year my wife and two sons take time out just after New Year to treat ourselves at the close of the holiday season, and to celebrate our wedding anniversary. This year we went to the De Vere Cameron House Hotel in Scotland. It’s a beautiful hotel on the shores of Loch Lomand and with this year’s snow on the ground and surrounding mountains it’s gorgeous.

However the Hotel is over-priced and they gouge customers. Beware.
Our rate included Dinner, Bed, and Breakfast. The inclusive dinner rate was that it included £35 for each person and anything above that was for our own account. The dinner items were not priced. Many (most?) of the entrees for dinner for “extra” (between £4 and £20) and desert cost an additional £6.95 each. With a bottle of Sancerre (expensive at £35/bottle, but it was our anniversary) and all the “extras”, we ended up spending more than £120 extra for dinner for four. There was also an obligatory 10% Service Charge added on to the dinner–yet the service was extremely slow. They didn’t even set the table properly (we had a pepper shaker, but had to ask for salt). More than once we had to ask them to “can we please order?”, “can we please move on to the next course?”, etc. The people serving the food even had to ask us who ordered what! Why didn’t they just know who ordered what!
To top it all off — at checkout when I presented my MasterCard for payment, they informed that there was a £2.50 surcharge for credit cards. Gosh. That really annoyed me. I reluctantly agreed that they use the credit card as I did not have sufficient cash nor did my debit card account have enough money to cover the bill). I also asked to speak to the manger.
The manager informed me that it was a recent corporate policy by De Vere to charge for credit cards. This policy was recently put in place because “the banks charge us [De Vere] for credit card transactions.” I pointed out that the hotel didn’t charge me a line item for electricity, property tax, salaries, heating, etc. and I was more than disappointed that the hotel has audacity to feel it is appropriate to pass on costs like this.
They told me they were going to refund the the £2.50 fee. I told them I would write about this experience on my blog. So here it is.
Scratch De Vere hotels from my future business travel plans.

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