Y2K Bug a Decade Late?

It’s taken a decade, but I finally experienced the affect of a bug related to date changes on a computer. I recall with fond memories working in a global coordination role on the so-called Y2K bug which after a few months of work in 1998 we concluded it was pretty much a non-isssue. This forecast was proved right that without doing much nothing really happened in our world-wide corporation that was highly dependant on automated control and information systems.

Well, today my home-based spam detection system failed. Starting yesterday (unknown to me) SpamAssassin, running on our home server, started tagging all incoming mail as “spam”. Apparently there is a test in SpamAssassin to check for dates “grossly in the future” and the year 2010 is one of those dates.
As most things are, information on this bug is now available on the internet. My family now happy since the were missing a lot of “happy new year” emails!

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