Hard to Discern the Truth

Last evening’s BBC News had a long report on the melting glaciers in Bolivia and how people there were going thirsty due to the greedy people, like us, who pump carbon into the air. Their message was clearly that “it is all our fault and unless we make Copenhagen succeed, Bolivians and the world is doomed”.

We all know that it takes temperatures in excess of freezing to melt glaciers. So I went Googling for temperature data for the Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia–finding http://www.made-in-southamerica.org/ in the blog posting “Chacaltaya Melting”. Here temperature data shows that there is no warming–in fact, there is cooling.
The author, Lykee Anderson, concludes that the evidence (receding glaciers, decreasing temperatures) are fully consistent with Svensmark’s cosmic ray theory–a theory rejected by the “consensus-orientated scientists” since there is no anthropogenic component to sunspot variation and its affect on our climate.
Typical of the BBC to ignore the evidence, except to spin it for their own purposes.

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