Trouble Should Brew with Tree Ring Data at Heart of IPCC’s Case

Steve McIntyre at “Climate Audit” (linked above) last week managed to gain access, via Freedom of Information request, to the raw data used by Briffa et. al. which used tree ring data samples collected from locations in the Arctic to look for evidence of climate change. Briffa’s work has been central to the IPCC and their temperature reconstructions which suggest that recent climate change has been unprecedented. Many other investigators have used Briffa’s data to support the concept of anthropogenetic climate change.

McIntyre’s work since last week, reported on his web site, indicates that Briffa’s work only chose tree ring data which supported their hypothesis of unprecedented climate change. They excluded tree ring data that did not tell the story they wanted told. The IPPC’s case for anthropogenetic climaate change rests firmly on this hypothesis.

If this were science, the hypothesis would be declared “not proven”.

I hope this will cause widespread debate in the world. Trouble should be brewing. I fear it isn’t.

Hat-tip to my friend the professor on this!

Update 1 Oct: See the well-written article at

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