Go Green with China

It really does not matter if climate change is “our fault” or not. It really does not matter if the climate is or is not going to change. Because the climate has changed for as long as there has been a climate, we can safely say that the climate will change and it’s not productive to blame ourselves or others.

Because people exist and want to continue to exist, people need energy. People cannot exist without energy. Energy makes the world go round. We need to create ways to get that energy that do not kill.

China is on getting with this.

As Tom Friedman points out in this article, China’s leaders are mostly engineers. Yes, they are politicians, but they area also engineers. Compare that to the West’s leaders in government, media, and education. Much of our world has strong forces discouraging science and technology–at just the point we all need more.

The new energy infrastructure requires innovation, invention, design, investment, manufacture, marketing, and sales. Let’s get on with it too.

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