I was a Sucker

A few weeks back we bought four tickets on EasyJet’s web site for a
week in Spain (for the sun which has not shown up yet!). I noticed
when we checked in that our trip was insured with travel insurance. “I
didn’t want or buy travel insurance!” I said to no one in particular.

Additional travel insurance is a dumb purchase for most buyers and a
huge money maker for sellers. It is dumb for buyers since the risks
covered are low but cost is high. It is often in addition to already-
covered risks like death, medical, etc.

While on holiday I looked more closely at EasyJet’s web site. Amongst
all the other extras they flog at the customer is travel insurance.
Nicely hidden with the default “buy” switch on. Nice one.

I was suckered.

Why can’t EasyJet treat me as a customer instead of treating me like a
cow in a herd of cattle?


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