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I was in a cleanup mode earlier in the week. My small home office was overloaded with books. Time to do a clear out of many old and no-longer used books. Some were completely worthless. Some were relatively new; while read, not something I wanted to keep. Some were technical books which, while still valid, covered things I no longer have interest in.

The last time I did this I tried to give them to a local book charity–but they had no interest. This time, after reading an article in the New York Times I was reminded of Amazon’s Marketplace. I’m a loyal Amazon customer, so I thought I would give it a shot.

I put 161 books into Amazon Marketplace. The first sold within an hour of being list. Over the last two days I’ve sold 11 books. I set the price. Amazon takes a cut of the sale price. Amazon also does a computation of what they think the shipping charge should be and they bill the buyer, and credit that amount to my account.

For the 11 books sold so far, the cost I charged was £60, and Amazon has taken about £22 in fees. They’ve given me an additional £32 for their estimate of shipping costs. I’ve paid £38 in postage plus a couple of more pounds for a few padded envelopes. I’ve re-used envelopes for the rest. Gives me a net income of about £32.

I’ll take that for 11 not-needed-by-me-but-wanted-by-someone-else books.

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