The Offending SQL Was:

Well, I guess this happens to everyone. I was curious about the recent disclosures of contributors to former President Clinton’s foundation. After reading the article in the New York Times, I clicked on the link they provided to, and see only:

the offending sql was:

SELECT AS T0_F_id,T0.site_id AS T0_F_site_id,T0.category_id AS T0_F_category_id,T0.sub_category_id AS T0_F_sub_category_id,T0.position AS T0_F_position,T0.title AS T0_F_title,T0.link_title AS T0_F_link_title,T0.copy AS T0_F_copy,T0.permalink AS T0_F_permalink,T0.metadata AS T0_F_metadata,T0.preview_text AS T0_F_preview_text,T0.location AS T0_F_location,T0.byline AS T0_F_byline,T0.status AS T0_F_status,T0.media_id AS T0_F_media_id,T0.initiative_id AS T0_F_initiative_id,T0.related_item_id AS T0_F_related_item_id,T0.user_date AS T0_F_user_date,T0.created_at AS T0_F_created_at,T0.updated_at AS T0_F_updated_at,T0.user_id AS T0_F_user_id,T0.date_string AS T0_F_date_string,T0.is_sticky AS T0_F_is_sticky, AS T1_F_id, AS T1_F_name,T1.alt_text AS T1_F_alt_text,T1.file_path AS T1_F_file_path,T1.caption AS T1_F_caption,T1.preview_text AS T1_F_preview_text,T1.user_date AS T1_F_user_date,T1.media_type_id AS T1_F_media_type_id,T1.category_id AS T1_F_category_id,T1.sub_category_id AS T1_F_sub_category_id,T1.site_id AS T1_F_site_id,T1.created_at AS T1_F_created_at,T1.updated_at AS T1_F_updated_at,T1.location AS T1_F_location,T1.byline AS T1_F_byline, AS T1_F_credit,T1.guid AS T1_F_guid,T1.user_id AS T1_F_user_id, AS T2_F_id, AS T2_F_name,T2.description AS T2_F_description,T2.permalink AS T2_F_permalink,T2.parent_id AS T2_F_parent_id,T2.site_id AS T2_F_site_id,T2.page_id AS T2_F_page_id, AS T3_F_id, AS T3_F_name,T3.position AS T3_F_position,T3.site_id AS T3_F_site_id FROM items T0 LEFT OUTER JOIN medias AS T1 ON ( = T0.media_id) LEFT OUTER JOIN categories AS T2 ON ( = T0.sub_category_id) LEFT OUTER JOIN initiatives AS T3 ON ( = T0.initiative_id) WHERE T0.status = 1 AND T0.site_id = 1 AND T0.category_id = 1 AND T0.sub_category_id != 2 ORDER BY T0.is_sticky DESC, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(IFNULL(T0.user_date, T0.created_at)) DESC LIMIT 5 OFFSET 0

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