Making Pretty Sites based on SharePoint

While most of my experience is, by design, focusing on using Microsoft SharePoint in a way which does not try to do much more than “out of the box” capability and design, I recognize that there is a place for making a web site based on SharePoint to not look so “techy”. I ran across the web site which provides links to sites based on Microsoft SharePoint which are indeed not “techy”.

2 Responses to Making Pretty Sites based on SharePoint

  1. Glen B. Alleman says:

    Rob,Perfect timing for the WSS link. I’m the designated admin for our WSS intranet, which has a really boring home page. Thsi will motivate me to make it better in 2009.Glen Alleman

  2. Rob says:

    Glen,While “possible” … I’m not sure I would spend my money doing “pretty” sites in SharePoint if “pretty” is a main objective. I’m VERY impressed that it can be done; but gosh, given the skills that are required adn I can’t help but think it was a herculean effort which probably was achieved at great cost. That being said, exploiting the underlying capability surely saved money. A dilema. For perspective, see

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