Google’s Gmail Spam Filter is Suddenly Too Aggressive

September 29, 2007

I forward incoming mail to my home/business account to Google’s Gmail so that I can easily access copies of my mail while travelling. This avoids me having to set up remote access to the mail server inside the firewall.

Worked well until this week when most of the forwarded mail received by Google is identified as “spam” and moved into their spam folder. I don’t have a clue about what changed. I get “tons” of spam mail direct into the Google account simply because it exists. But I don’t understand why all of the sudden there are so many false positives. And I don’t understand why I don’t seem to have any settings to change to help fix it.

I guess I will stop using this approach.

Out of Control Pig Disease in China

September 16, 2007

Today’s Washington post covers the story of a devastating disease of pigs in China. “

“The Chinese government has admitted that the swine deaths amount to an epidemic but contends that the situation is under control.”

Given their skills managing SARS and choosing to paint toys with lead paint, this is not good for the world.