Steve Yegge on how Google Works

September 28, 2006

Steve writes a very long piece on how he sees Google running, as an insider. He works there as a developer. The piece is not really about Agile Development, despite the title.

His world in Google is so different from others, that we can’t help but be challenged to think differently about our own world and how to take some ideas from Google’s world.

Adobe Acrobat 8 has built-in Web Conferencing

September 19, 2006

Now this is interesting.  See where “Enable users of Adobe ReaderĀ® software (version 7.0 or 8) to participate in shared reviews.Use the Start Meeting button to collaborate in real-time with the new Adobe Acrobat Connect line of products.” 

It is likely that users of Adobe have not yet experienced web conferencing, and using this “safe” option could be their introduction.

I’m not sure that all products need to have built-in web conferencing, but it’s clear that only a very small minority of the world has yet to experience it.

Skidmore Owings and Merrill

September 10, 2006

While at university studying civil engineering in the 70’s, I had visions of someday working at SOM (Skidmore Owings and Merrill).  I didn’t want to be an architect and preferred the engineering and business side of big building projects; but the thought of being involved with the creation of such lovely things was a goal. 

I ended up finding that I didn’t really “get” structural engineering as much as I “got” fluid mechanics, so my career took a turn towards other directions.

I still wish thought, that when I grow up I can work for or with SOM.

Business Week reminded me of SOM.

Microsoft Live Writer

September 9, 2006

Microsoft’s new tool, Microsoft Life Writer, has received a lot of attention.  All reports are very positive with little to no negatives.  I tried it a few days after release, but for whatever reason it would not connect to my blog on Blogger.  This is another try a few weeks later and it works. I guess there were initial teething problems.

Interestingly, it has one feature I really like: spell checking.  And it has “automatic correction” on spelling, which doesn’t seem to workk.