BBC Probably Gets It Wrong Again

August 29, 2006

Re the strange case of John Mark Karr …

CNN (and other sites): “no JonBenet charges”, e.g.

BBC: “JonBenet suspect charges dropped” at

How can charges which were never (apparently) filed, be dropped?

August 24, 2006

this is a test Writely document.

Cancel Your Credit Card

August 22, 2006

Cancel Your Credit Card

Love it.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

August 17, 2006

Edinburgh is a terrific place in August. I can’t keep up with all the events going on. Work and real life is definitely getting in the way. The Festival. The Fringe Festival. The Jazz Festival. The Film Festival. The TV Festival. And the Book Festival, my favourite.

Earlier in the week I heard Tim Waterstone talk about his style of management … he’s made many millions for himself and others. Tonight it’s Jeremy Leggett and Fred Pearce on “Oil and Water”. Robert Fisk of The Independant newspaper couldn’t make his committment to appear, so I’ll maybe get the opportunity to see Al Gore give his slide show later in the month

Highly recommended: Edinburgh in August.

Update: Al Gore’s talk sold out (probably before announcement). Flogging his movie at the Film Festival, Book Festival, and at another event, all on same day.