Interesting Places on the Internet

December 28, 2005

In support of lots of conversations I have with people about interesting places on the “the Net”, here is a starter list as discussed at lunch today …

Wikipedia, … online collaborative encyclopedia
MediaWiki, … a way for you to make your own Wiki site, e.g. collaborative development of documentation for any type of project.
Newsgator, … RSS Aggregator for Outlook and web access. My hunch this company will be bought by Microsoft within a year or so.
Technorati, … to find blogs. Other way to find blogs is via search engine (Google) or by looking at blogger’s lists (see mine below right … although out of date, I see).
iTunes, … to subscribe and listen to Podcasts (iPod not needed)
Blogger, … Blog software provided by Google to individuals to publish blogs.
Writely, … online word processor and collaboration tool.
Six Apart, … publishers of Movable Type, a publishing platform which would probably be the one to implement for use by large organsations and institutions.
Sharepoint, … Microsoft’s collaboration software platform which per recent discussion by Microsoft will only get more ubquitious. Can’t help but think this will be a bigger part of Office 12.
phpCollab, … Project management and collaboration over the internet. Features team/client sites, task assignment, document repository/workflow, gantt charts, discussions, calendar, notifications, support requests, weblog newsdesk, invoicing, and many other tools. Open source licensed under GPL.
OpenOffice, … the “free” replacement of Microsoft Office.
SpamAssassin, … because it works.