Blogging via PDA and Blogger’s Word Add-in

August 25, 2005

Blogger recently released a Microsoft Word add-in which connects Word to Blogger’s publishing engine. In essense, you can write/edit in Word, then press the “publish” toolbar button and the item is published.

Nice. But I’m not always in Word when the moment strikes to write a blog entry. Often I will have my Palm PDA. The best I could, when the mood struck, was to make a “todo” list entry for the idea. If I rememberd to look at my “todo” list, then something would happen. What I’m trying now is to write the entry on the Palm with DataViz Word to Go product, and then publish to Blogger later when I am sitting own on the Word/Internet equipped computer.

Podcasting is terrific, despite first impressions.

August 21, 2005

At one time, I felt Podcasting was not for me. No longer.

I “procured” a mini iPod from my son (who, for reasons I still don’t understand felt he needed a bigger one). Coinciding with that, Apple released iTunes 4.9 which provided an inventory of podcasts to subscribe to via the iTunes Music Store.

Since then, the little thing has been my main media delivery device. I’ve stopped listening to the radio during my daily bus commutes to my city centre job. I listen to my growing collection of podcast subscriptions. I listen it while walking the streets. I listen to it while on my daily bike ride. It’s become part of my life.

I’ve even bought Bob Dole’s autobiography as something to listen to since I’ve not found time yet to read the book.

I now see the value of podcasting.

Speeding up XP Roaming Profile with Samba

August 9, 2005

Boy. This will solve one of our family debates. My son keeps complaining about how long it takes to log in and out of his XP account on the home machine, which is connected to a home domain server running Samba.

Nathan Ehresman ( ) at Taylor University in Indiana has posted a terrific article about how they solved the problem.

Interesting, I also tried the fixes he called “temporary” and didn’t get very far. Now to find time to apply the other fixes he recommends.

Thanks Nathan.