Learning about Lean

Learning about Lean

Joe Ely provides very insightful understanding of a practical (and personal) application of the Theory of Constraints as applied to the ubiuquitous long queue’s at airport security checks.

Interestingly, while American security agents insist that their patrons remove their shoes before passing through the metal detectors, this does not seem to happen in Europe even though these passengers are entering the same airline “system”.

Perhaps there is another perspective. Perhaps by addressing this issue from the perspective of risk as advocated by Bruce Schneir may result in something, e.g.

1. What asset are we trying to protect?

2. What are the risks to those assets?

3. How well does the secruity solution mitigate those risks?

4. What other risks does the security solution cause?

5. What costs and tradeoffs does the security solution impose?

Asking and answering these questions leads to some interesting conclusions.

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