Organise your life the Downing Street way

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Organise your life the Downing St way

I like this article. It explains the essentials of Time Management and how Tony Blair’s Government used the “grid”

The Grid is a weekly diary, filled with all sorts of forthcoming events so that all arms of the government can know what everyone else has planned, and therefore what are good or bad days to plan anything else.

The article goes on to provide guidance from David Allen, author of: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity

The first thing to grasp is that organising yourself is not rocket science, says David Allen, author of The Art of Stress Free Productivity.

“Sure it’s a discipline to fill in something like this, but it’s a discipline in the same way that taking a shower is.

Whatever you do, write it down says Allen

“Once you get used to it, you have no trouble living that way.”

The key is getting into the habit of at least once a week reviewing “every single loose end, every single commitment” to think about what you need to do. You should also review the last two weeks to see everything you might have missed. “That can trigger thoughts – oh that reminds me I ought to do so-and-so,” he says.

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